Who we are

Sound to Touch Your Mind
Bujeon believes that advanced acoustics will make our life more
meaningful and abundant. The vision of making a better world with
advanced sound is in the minds of all our employees. Our passion and
effort towards this vision drives us to create more innovative and advanced
acoustic technology for the world.
The Best Audio Solution
Bujeon is an acoustics manufacturing company that has satisfied customers with its advanced acoustic solution and excellent customer service for more than 20 years. We have our own unique solution in consumer products such as Bluetooth speaker, headset, and earphone as well as in acoustic components such as micro speaker, module, receiver, and unit driver. We are always proud of our technological capability and support that enables our customers to innovate their products and to become leaders in the acoustic industry.
Global Business Network
One of our business competitiveness is a global sales capability. In addition to the various manufacturing locations, Bujeon has worldwide sales division that promptly responds to and supports for customers. Bujeon’s sales team is comprised of members who have professional overseas business experience in the acoustics field, which ensures an exceptional customer satisfaction regardless of location.
Your OEM/ODM Partner
Bujeon is your OEM/ODM partner with deep industry knowledge in advanced acoustic technology as well as in cost-effective manufacturing process for audio solutions and products. With a total of 15,000 employees in China, Vietnam, and Korea, Bujeon offers the best products and solutions. In particular, the assembly lines in Glonics, one of our factories located in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam, are entirely run by automated process and are capable of meeting the demands of high volume customer orders.