Lead and Innovate the future of acoustics
If you have passion and vision in acoustics and technology, we can help you
make your dream come true. We are always searching for innovative and brilliant
minds to help us create a world with an advanced acoustics. Come join Bujeon Electronics.

Who we want

We are looking for the person
who will be the part of our innovation
We purse innovation and technological success in acoustic field. But It will be much more rewarding
for us to see them in our members’ dream and vision. To become a leader of acoustic industry and market,
we will commit ourselves to broadening our horizons and creating the new. Be a member of Bujeon
Electronics. We can give you the great opportunity for professional and enthusiastic experience in your life.
1Creativity to achieve the new
Creativity is our core value. Every member of Bujeon always
challenge for new business and project with creative thinking.
This value makes us have out of box thinking skill and mind.
2Logical thinking to lead the business.
As a business leader of audio industry, logical thinking is one the most
important skills to make more profit and increase the market share.
Coherent and accurate strategy based on logical thinking skill always
advanced our business and technology.
3Flexibility to accept the change.
We exactly know key driver to lead the market is flexible mind and
thinking to toward new challenge. Bujeon is always ready to be
bored and exceptional to lead fast changing market and industry
as global number one acoustic company.
4Self-development to become a leader.
We want every member of Bujeon to have vision and dream of
becoming a global reader. For it, We are trying to provide the
circumstance in which all of Bujeon members can get motivated to
develop and advance themselves