Vision & Strategy

Deliver unparalleled value to customers through innovative technologies, nurtured from original ideas

Core strategy

Redefine Frontier of Technology
Bujeon’s 30 years of acoustics engineering expertise manifested in an extensive list of proprietary technologies from material science to software and mechanical engineering and delivers unique value to customers worldwide. We continue to drive advanced research in fields like AR/VR and 5G to redefine the frontiers and enable next-generation experience.
Digitize Operational Excellence
We invest in various software tools and platforms like MES and SAP to automate and systemize physical tasks. Designed to update online in real-time, physical infrastructures in Vietnam and China operate efficiently to ensure the optimal productivity and top tier quality.
Lead with Customer Obsession
Our core growth engine is “customer obsession” mindset. We strive to not only simply meet the expectations of our customers, but preemptively identify their potential unarticulated needs. The extensive technologies we’ve pioneered are results of “obsessing” on our customers to deliver the solutions they may need in advance, and will continue to be our differentiating factor.