Our people

Bujeon advances technological innovation in future markets

and this can only be achived when all of our employees move forward in one direction with shared dreams and passion.
Join us in leading, challenging and shaping the future markets.
We are always looking for talents who are willing to venture, cooperate and learn various business opportunities.
Creative and Venturing
Our employee have the creativity to venture on new perspectives that defy conventional ideas and have the pioneering spirit to gladly challenge unprecedented area.
Scientific and Logical Thinking
Our employee do not rely on their intuition but seek for accuracy and validity based on science, and develop a thinking process based on logic and reason.
Forward-looking and change-leading
Our employee do not accept the future as it is but steps ahead to predict the new future trend. They are not dragged by the flow, but are able to lead the first of its kind.
Constant effort through growth mindset
Our employee deserve to set a higher expectation every day and work hard to develop themselves, not satisfied with who they are now. They will constantly change themselves with Bujeon no matter how long time will have spent.
Love towards company and coworkers
Our employee love not only themselves but also the company and coworkers, and are always willing to give a warm-hearted hand to the socially disadvantaged.