Ethical Management

Ethical management

Ethical management policy

Inform upon notice of below corruptions

  • 1.
    Bribery from trading parties
  • 2.
    Unfair trade including mistreatment or preferential treatment
  • 3.
    Leakage of in-house confidential information
  • 4.
    Other corruptions or irregularities
  • 5.
    Payoff scandal between trading parties and employees
  • 6.
    Embezzlement or misuse of public funds and any other behaviors against the company’s interest
  • 7.
    Any behaviors hindering working discipline

Inform corruption within Bujeon

You may inform us of unfair work processing or wrongful requests and irregularities from the abuse of position, if any found among Bujeon people. The informant’s identity shall be kept in strict confidence. (undisclosed)